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Music by John Barry – new book close to publication

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Indicate your interest via this email link

The biggest story of the year so far is the news that ‘Music by John Barry’, a new book in praise of more than forty of his film scores, is close to publication!

Sources close to the project tell us that this near 500-page book is the best work so far from the three scribes. OK, technically it’s also the first, but you get the idea!  You can see more details on this cunningly constructed flyer by the artist, Ruuders.

Now, in view of how poorly the previous book, ‘Hit and Miss: The Story of The John Barry Seven’ sold, it seems highly likely that copies of this new book will be in limited supply. So, do yourself a favour and indicate your interest immediately by contacting the writers via this email link.

Details of price and publication date will be sent to you as soon as possible, and anybody who then orders it is *guaranteed* a copy.  In fact, if requested, at least one, maybe two of the authors will sign your copy. They might even do so even if you don’t request it. 🙂

music by john barry book 25

The Stringbeat Years: Songs accompanied by John Barry – new CD Box Set

Now available!

The Stringbeat Years: Songs accompanied by John Barry

Now available, a 4-CD box-set comprising of 144 tracks, a 24-page booklet (replete with period photographs and comprehensive notes) and including ten bonus tracks (among them the CD debut of the first ever cover version of a John Barry instrumental composition).

Featuring – for the first time – the film versions of ‘Mix me a Person’, ‘The Time has Come’, and ‘What a Whopper’ (slightly shortened). There’s also an unique opportunity to hear the original version of ‘Ah, Poor Little Baby’, making its premiere appearance on CD.

The box-set is limited to 500 copies and is only £16.99 post-free in the UK, so don’t miss out! It is available direct from this website!

£16.99  post-free in the UK
£19.99  anywhere else in the world

Order now!

Let us know if you aren’t able to do this and we’ll work out another way. 



  1. Tall Paul (Roberts-B & D Sherman) – The Three Barry Sisters 1959  

  2. Till then (Seiler, Marcus, Wood) – The Three Barry Sisters 1959  

  3. Jo-Jo the dog-faced boy (D & B Sherman-Roberts) – Three Barry Sisters 1959

  4. I ay ove-lay oo-yay (Brout-Lasky) – The Three Barry Sisters 1959

  5. Nowhere in this world (Hart) – Derry Hart and The Hartbeats 1959

  6. Come on baby (Baldock-King) – Derry Hart and The Hartbeats 1959

  7. Ah, poor little baby! (Falk-Koury) – Adam Faith 1959

  8. I vibrate (Twitty) – Adam Faith 1959

  9. She said yeah (Jackson) – Roy Young 1959

10. Baby talk (Schwartz) – Bill & Brett Landis 1959

11. Say mama (Earl-Meeks) – Adam Faith 1959

12. C’mon everybody (Cochran-Capeheart) – Adam Faith 1959

13. Believe what you say (J & D Burnette) – Adam Faith 1959

14. I go ape (Sedaka-Greenfield) – Roy Young 1959

15. It’s late (Burnette) – Vince Eager 1959

16. Fallin’ (Sedaka-Greenfield) – Sylvia Sands 1959

17. Slippin’ & slidin’ (Penniman-Bocage-Collins-Smith) – Roy Young 1959

18. It doesn’t matter anymore (Anka) – Vince Eager 1959

19. Good rockin’ tonight (Brown) – Roy Young and Company 1959

20. What do you want? (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1959

21. From now until forever (Nesbitt-Venis) – Adam Faith 1959

22. Moonbird (Barry) – Des Lane 1959

23. The Clanger march (Braden) – Des Lane 1959

24. Big blon’ baby (Roberts-Jacobson) – Larry Page 1959

25. I vibrate (Twitty) – Larry Page 1959

26. Throw all your lovin’ my way (Barry) – Larry Page 1959

27. How’m I doing, hey, hey (Fowler-Redman) – Larry Page 1959

28. Little old fashioned love (Barry) – Larry Page 1959

29. Marilyn (White) – Larry Page 1959

30. Poor me (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1959

31. The reason (Barry) – Adam Faith 1959

32. Be mine (Menke-Panas-Luth-Stellman) – Lance Fortune 1959

33. Action (Barry-Peacock) – Lance Fortune 1959

34. Made you (Barry-Peacock) – Adam Faith 1959

35. I did what you told me (Barry-Peacock) – Adam Faith 1959

36. Can’t forget (Hawker-Shakespeare) – Johnny Gavotte 1960

37. It’s not too late (Sheridan) – Johnny Gavotte 1960

38. Boston Tea Party (Vandyke) – The Five Dallas Boys 1960

39. Ramona (Wayne-Gilbert) – The Five Dallas Boys 1960

40. The Beat Girl song (Barry-Peacock) – Adam Faith 1960

41. It’s legal (Barry-Maccoby) – Shirley Anne Field 1960

All tracks in mono


  1. Someone else’s baby (Vandyke-Ford) – Adam Faith 1960

  2. Big time (Bart) – Adam Faith 1960

  3. Youthful years (Napper) – Danny Williams 1960

  4. It doesn’t matter (Raysor-Barrett) – Danny Williams 1960

  5. You’re my only girl (O’Mahoney) – Danny Davis 1960

  6. Love me (Stoller-Leiber)- Danny Davis 1960

  7. Johnny comes marching home (Trad. arr. Barry-Maitland) – Adam Faith 1960

  8. Carve up (Bart) – Adam Faith 1960

  9. Little child (Cowen) – The England Sisters 1960

10. Heartbeat (Montgomery-Petty) – The England Sisters 1960

11. How about that! (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1960

12. With open arms (Bacharach-David) – Adam Faith 1960

13. Wonderful time (Howard Guyton) – Adam Faith 1960

14. Diamond ring (J & R Isle) – Adam Faith 1960

15. Summertime (Gershwin-Heyward) – Adam Faith 1960

16. Piper of love (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1960

17. A girl like you (Bacharach-Croswell) – Adam Faith 1960

18. Turn me loose (Pomus-Schuman) – Adam Faith 1960

19. So many ways (Stevenson) – Adam Faith 1960

20. Singin’ in the rain (Freed-Brown) – Adam Faith 1960

21. Fare thee well my pretty maid (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1960

22. I’m a man (Pomus-Schuman) – Adam Faith 1960

23. Hit the road to dreamland (Mercer-Arlen) – Adam Faith 1960

24. Lonely pup (in a Christmas shop) (Alexander) – Adam Faith 1960

25. Greenfinger (Lewis) – Adam Faith 1960

26. Pepe (Wittstart) – Russ Conway 1960

27. Matador from Trinidad (Boyd-Stanford) – Russ Conway 1960

28. Not guilty (Peacock) – Johnny De Little 1960

29. They (Barry-Russell) – Johnny De Little 1960

30. Who am I? (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

31. This is it (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

32. Big wheel (Vandyke) – Gerry Dorsey 1961

33. Over and over (Bart) – Bobby Shafto 1961

34. I want my bed (Bart) – Bobby Shafto 1961

35. Django’s Castle (Reinhardt) – Diz Disley and The Downbeats 1961

All tracks in stereo, apart from nos. 3-6, 9, 10, 28, 29, 32-35


  1. Where you are (Ornadel-West) – Dennis Lotis 1961

  2. Love’s a secret game (Wakley-Inman) – Dennis Lotis 1961

  3. Easy going me (Bart) – Adam Faith 1961

  4. Wonderin’ (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

  5. What a Whopper (Vandyke) (film version) – Adam Faith 1961

  6. The Time has Come (Vandyke) (film version) – Adam Faith 1961

  7. Don’t you know It? (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

  8. My last wish (Barry-Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

  9. I haven’t got you (Bart) – Anita Harris 1961

10. Mr. one and only (Lordan) – Anita Harris 1961

12. I’ve just fallen for someone (Askew) – Adam Faith 1961

12. I’m coming home (Johnson-Rado) – Adam Faith 1961

13. All these things (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

14. It’s all over now (Whyton) – Adam Faith 1961

15. Come to me (Cenci-Carr) – Adam Faith 1961

16. If I had a hammer (Hays-Seeger) – Adam Faith 1961

17. Sho’ know a lot about love (Mize-Paxton) – Adam Faith 1961

18. Second time (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

19. I’m gonna love you too (Maudlin-Sullivan-Petty) – Adam Faith 1961

20. Little yellow roses (Peacock) – Adam Faith 1961

21. As long as you keep loving me (Peacock) – Adam Faith 1961

22. You and me and the gang (Peacock) – Adam Faith 1961

23. The time has come (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1961

24. A help-each-other romance (Singleton) – Adam Faith 1961

25. Lonesome (Pellish) – Adam Faith 1961

26. Watch your step (Parker) – Adam Faith 1961

27. You’re following me (Hilliard-Bacharach) – Peter Gordeno 1962

28. I got eyes (Smith-Jones-Dixon-Keyes) – Peter Gordeno 1962

29. You know what I mean (Vandyke) – Johnny Worth 1962

30. All these things (Vandyke) – Johnny Worth 1962

31. Stalemate (Martin-Rocco) – Tony Rocco 1962

32. Keep a walkin’ (Sedaka-Greenfield) – Tony Rocco 1962

33. As you like It (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1962

34. Face to face (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1962

All tracks in stereo apart from nos. 1, 2, 5-8, 23, 25, 27-30, 32-34


  1. Uptown (Mann-Weil) – Peter Gordeno 1962

  2. The makings of a man (Stallman-Jacobson) – Peter Gordeno 1962

  3. My tears will turn to Laughter (Askew) – Darren Young 1962

  4. I’ve just fallen for someone (Askew) – Darren Young 1962

  5. Opposites (Bart) – Bill Cotton and Kathie Kay 1962

  6. If the young ones can be happy (Bart) – Bill Cotton 1962

  7. The coffee grinder (Manzo) – Van Doren 1962

  8. La Bamba (Valens) – Adam Faith 1962

  9. You can do it if you Try (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1962

10. The river’s run dry (Vandyke) – Adam Faith 1962

11. I know what I want (Unknown) – Adam Faith 1962

12. That’s what love will do (Peacock) – Adam Faith 1962

13. Mix Me a Person (Vandyke) (film version) – Adam Faith 1962

14. Someone nice like you (Newley-Bricusse) – Kathie Kay and Bill Cotton 1962

15. No love but your Love (Scharfenberger-West-Busch) – Marion Ryan 1962

16. Caravan of lonely men (Jeff Barry-Pretlow) – Mark Tracey 1962

17. Never ending (Carr-Newell) – Mark Tracey 1962

18. Down by the riverside (Trad. Arr: Barry) – Peter Gordeno 1962

19. Lover (Rodgers-Hart) – Johnny De Little 1962

20. You made me love you (Monaco-McCarthy) – Johnny De Little 1962

21. White Christmas (Berlin) – Nina and Frederik 1962

22. Silent night (Gruber) – Nina and Frederik 1962

23. Away in a manger (Kirkpatrick) – Nina and Frederik 1962

24. Santa Claus is coming to town (Coots) – Nina and Frederik 1962

Bonus tracks composed by John Barry

25. Rock-A-Billy Boogie (Barry) – The Rock’n Rollers 1958

26. Rodeo (Barry) – Frank Chacksfield and his Orchestra 1958

27. Bee’s knees (Barry) – John Barry Seven & Bob Miller and The Millermen 1959

28. Arrivederci Baby (Barry-Good) – Little Tony and his Brothers 1959

29. Made you (Barry-Peacock) – Fabian 1960

30. Easy beat (Barry) – Bert Weedon 1960

31. Made you (Barry-Peacock) – Don Duke 1960

32. Black stockings (Barry) – Stu Phillips and his Orchestra 1961

33. Trouble shooter (Barry) – Bob Miller and The Millermen 1961

34. Sweet talk (Barry) – Van Doren 1961

All tracks in mono apart from nos. 9-12

Budgie. Talking Pictures TV show all 26 episodes

Talking Pictures TV Sky 328 Freeview 81 Freesat 306 Virgin 445
20 mins ·

Starting Tuesday 16 June at 9pm on #TalkingPicturesTV
Then every Tuesday night at 9pm
BUDGIE (1971-72) drama series
Created by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse.
Starring (regular cast) #AdamFaith #IainCuthbertson #LynnDalby #JuneLewis #JohnRhysDavies
The highly successful producer Verity Lambert gave pop star Adam Faith the title role in her new drama series produced by London Weekend Television in 1971, Budgie. This was his first starring television role, although he had obviously guested many times on TV shows in his vocalist career and appeared in several films.

Each self contained story, usually depicting Budgie’s involvement in some hare-brained scheme to make money, usually somewhere on the wrong side of legality. He often failed in his aim, being continually the victim of circumstance or of the sharper, more experienced underworld operators he tried to emulate.

The series co-starred Iain Cuthbertson as Charles Endell, a suave and Machiavellian Glaswegian gangster based in London, who employed Budgie, often against his own better judgement or when he was in need of an unsuspecting fall guy. During the late 1970s, Scottish Television produced a short-lived spin-off series, Charles Endell Esquire.

The highly popular series ran for two seasons, running to a total of 26 episodes. Although planned to be a colour series, the first four episodes were made in black and white, due to industrial actions which meant that many series of that time had to be either made in monochrome or cancelled. A third series was planned but star Faith had been involved in a serious car accident and he announced his retirement from as a result. He made afull recovery but instead of returning to acting he became successful in the business world of finance.

Talking Pictures TV are delighted to be able to bring you all 26 episodes from both series.

Adam Faith Facebook page

You may also wish to visit the Facebook page that celebrates the life and career of singer and actor Adam Faith.

Adam Faith on stage: posters

Adam Faith on stage: posters


Adam Faith musicals

Adam Faith – Sheet Music

Actual sheet music. You can click the images and then download the actual PDF file that shows up.

As You Like It - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
As You Like It – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Don't You Know It - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Don’t You Know It – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Fare Thee Well My Pretty Maid - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Fare Thee Well My Pretty Maid – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Green Finger - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Green Finger – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Help Eachother Romance - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Help Eachother Romance – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
How About That - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
How About That – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
I Did What You Told Me - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
I Did What You Told Me – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Johnny Comes Marching Home - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Johnny Comes Marching Home – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Lonely Pup - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Lonely Pup – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Lonesome - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Lonesome – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Made You - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Made You – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Mix Me A Person - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Mix Me A Person – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
My Last Wish - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
My Last Wish – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Piper Of Love - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Piper Of Love – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Poor Me (PDF)
Second Time - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Second Time – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Someone Elses Baby - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Someone Elses Baby – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Time Has Come - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
Time Has Come – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
What A Whopper - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
What A Whopper – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
What Do You Want - Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)
What Do You Want – Adam Faith Sheet Music (PDF)

Sheet Music Covers

Adam Faith sheet music covers below.

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Faith Connections

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Links to sites built and maintained by Geoff:

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The scans of pictures, photos, articles, programmes etc. are provided purely for the entertainment and education of those visiting the site. Obviously we do not own the copyright of anything, nor do we have permission of those who do own the copyright. In the majority of cases the magazines and newspapers concerned are no longer in existence, but if anybody still connected to them objects to any photos or articles currently on display, we will of course remove them.

We would like to thank the following people for contributing to this website.

Adam Faith – your submissions

We would love to display any material you would like to share with other fans. Do you have memories or pictures you would like to share? Please Send email.

If you have any questions regarding Adam Faith and his career, please use the Adam Faith Appreciation Society page on Facebook.

The scans of pictures, photos, articles, programmes etc. are provided purely for the entertainment and education of those visiting the site. Obviously we do not own the copyright of anything, nor do we have permission of those who do own the copyright. In the majority of cases the magazines and newspapers concerned are no longer in existence, but if anybody still connected to them objects to any photos or articles currently on display, we will of course remove them.

Newly designed website

Hi, we have redesigned the website. We hope you enjoy.

One More Time – documentary about 60s and 70s session players

April 18, 2019

One More Time is a work in progress documentary which tells the story of the musicians who worked on studio sessions during the sixties and seventies. Several former members of The JB7 have taken part.

Project director Alan Boyd would very much appreciate it if you would check out the website at

and also visit, like, and share the facebook page at

New website: Juke Box Jury

We have started a new website

Juke Box Jury was one of the BBC’s flagship programmes, which introduced viewers to Saturday evening viewing during the sixties. The hope was that having started watching JBJ, viewers would enjoy it and continue to watch the BBC programmes that followed, such as Dixon of Dock Green, The Billy Cotton Band Show, Perry Mason, etc., for the rest of the evening.

Since the BBC carelessly wiped all but two episodes, our long-term aim is for this developing website to be able to include the relevant details of all 400-plus programmes. This will feature not only the panellists and the records on which they voted, but also the identity of every mystery guest. A slightly less easy goal is to indicate a hit or a miss decision for each record played and discussed.

Clearly, especially to begin with, certain detail will be missing so we welcome contributions from everybody who might be able to help, from those who took part in the shows, or were in the audience, but also from those who watched, avidly.

New book “Hit and Miss: The Story of The John Barry Seven”

Our book “Hit and Miss: The Story of The John Barry Seven” is now available!

(plus add postage for your region)

For postage and packing please add:
UK = £2.95 (2nd class mail)
Europe = £12
Rest of World (Excluding Australia) £17.50

You can order now!
Let us know if you aren’t able to do this and we’ll work out another way

The book’s cover price is £30
anybody ordering direct from us will receive a 25% discount
reducing the cost to £22.50.

We’ll also need your mailing address, of course!

Further discount if you want two or more copies – ask for details

We have a limited number of signed copies – let us know if you want one of these

Alternatively, send us an email message and we will be in touch!

Thoroughly and painstakingly researched over a number of years, it will feature contributions from several ex-members of the band and from friends and relatives of John Barry. Comprising of around 350 pages, it will also be packed with an array of rare photos of the band, and the singers they often supported, as well as some unique images of memorabilia and documentation from that era; some never previously published, many more seldom seen.

Even if you are not necessarily a devotee of The John Barry Seven per se, the book offers a fascinating historical insight into the British music scene of the period and, more importantly, provides an essential read for anybody remotely interested in discovering more about John Barry’s formative career.

It will be of great assistance to the authors if you would indicate an interest in purchasing a copy of the book now, without obligation. We will then be able to notify you as soon as the book is available with details of cost and how to order and pay.

Just send us an email message and we will be in touch in due course.

Obviously your personal details will be kept secure and not shared with anybody else.

Adam Faith’s mum lived next door

June 11, 2017

Adam Faith’s mum lived next door to my nan in Bromyard Avenue, Acton. She shared a party phone with them and his mum used to baby sit my auntie when Adam was a young man. I have his autograph somewhere!

Sharon Payne

I recorded an album with Terry in 1993

May 29, 2017

I recorded an album with Terry in 1993. Midnight Postcards was not the album that i had suggested to Terry and his producer, Dave Courtney. Terry was appearing with Zoe Wanamaker in “Love Hurts” a very successful tv show at the time.

My concept was an album of love songs including Love Hurts. Polygram loved the idea … TV promotion was booked.

The resulting album was not what Polygram were expecting. It was a mishmash of odd songs and bits of what Courtney described as Skiffle. It failed miserably.

I liked Terry and attended a dinner at his house, that story being in my forthcoming autobiography. I also met his daughter. I believe she became a tv producer.

My regards to Terry’s family and belated condolences on his passing. Rock on.

Tim Hinkley.

Yesterday’s Hero on sky 343 or freeview 81

Rare film Yesterday’s Hero screening Friday, November 27, on sky 343 or freeview 81 TALKING PICTURES CHANNEL AT 9.20PM.

Stars Ian McShane and Adam is football coach/manager. Paul Nicholas also stars and sings.

Beat Girl on Talking Pictures – Sky 343 or Freeview 81

Talking Pictures – Sky 343 or Freeview 81 – will screen Beat Girl on Wednesday 2nd December 2015, between 23:05 & 00:55.

David & Caroline Stafford discuss “Big Time: The Life of Adam Faith”

Authors David & Caroline Stafford discuss their new book on the life of Adam Faith: “Big Time: The Life of Adam Faith.”

Hear it here:

You may need to “Sign Up” to get “Unlimited listening with a free account.”

"Big Time: The Life of Adam Faith"

“Big Time: The Life of Adam Faith” by David & Caroline Stafford

Big Time: The Life of Adam Faith by David & Caroline Stafford is a new biography of Adam to be published on the 13th April.

The book consists of more than three hundred pages divided into thirty-seven chapters and, as might be expected, is a highly detailed, no holds barred account of Adam’s life and career. It’s impossible to say if Adam’s family cooperated with the book, but we suspect they may not have done.

The book is littered with stories and quotes from Adam and others involved with his career such as composer Johnny Worth, manager Eve Taylor, photographer Terry O’Neill, his wife, Jackie, business associate Andrew Tribe and various members of The Roulettes.

The authors have clearly scanned newspaper archives and previously published books for any substantial stories and quotes from incidents that occurred during Adam’s life, and there are references to over 100 examples of this. We cannot provide any details of photographs at this stage, but suffice it to say we know the book will contain some!

The discography is very much a selective one, but this website is (quite rightly) suggested as a good source for a more complete one!

A more comprehensive review of the book will follow once we have a physical copy, but in the meantime I suspect no fan of Adam will want to miss this book. It can be pre-ordered via Amazon, and, no doubt, from similar outlets.

"Big Time: The Life of Adam Faith" by David & Caroline Stafford
“Big Time: The Life of Adam Faith” by David & Caroline Stafford

Scans of first New Zealand Tour 1962

David Bryceson sent us scans of the First New Zealand Tour 1962 Programme with Adam Faith in 1962.

First New Zealand Tour – Adam Faith – John Leyton
First New Zealand Tour – Adam Faith – John Leyton

Scans of New Theatre Oxford Programme 1963.

David Bryceson sent us scans of the New Theatre Oxford Programme with Adam Faith gigs in 1963.

scans of the New Theatre Oxford Programme with Adam Faith gigs in 1963
scans of the New Theatre Oxford Programme with Adam Faith gigs in 1963

Roulettes drummer Bob Henrit wrote his biography

Former Roulettes drummer Bob Henrit wrote his biography towards the end of 2013. It can be purchased at via this link. Bob is pictured with a copy of his book.

Roulettes drummer Bob Henrit wrote his biography

Adam Faith Show sponsored by Ever Ready Batteries

This link includes the start of the Adam Faith Show sponsored by Ever Ready Batteries:

March 8, 2003 – March 8, 2013

March 8, 2003 – March 8, 2013
Remembered by his fans.

For Always 3CD set

For Always

3CD set, Golden Stars label

For Always
For Always

Dave Courtney releases audiobiography

Dave Courtney has released his audiobiography, “The Truth Behind the Music”, as a download from iTunes. It includes stories and music tracks associated with his personal and business relationship with Adam Faith.

Only £5.49 for over two hours of stories and music!

You can read more about it here

Complete Faith (His HMV, Top Rank & Parlophone Recordings 1958-1968) (6CD)

The website has listed an Adam Faith box-set as being released on 4th April! Wonderful news that we’ve all been hoping for, for so many years.

We don’t know everything yet because only list details for four of the six CDs, but we’ll update as soon as possible. The other CDs probably contain tracks from the albums, On The Move & Faith Alive!. The good news is that there are many tracks previously unreleased and many others are newly remastered. It’s also very cheap at £13.99!

Here are the details we have to date:

Disc 1
(Got A) Heartsick Feeling
Brother Heartache And Sister Tears (2011 – Remaster)
High School Confidential
Country Music Holiday
Runk Bunk (2011 – Remaster)
Ah Poor Little Baby
Say Mama (2011 – Remaster)
C’mon Everybody (2011 – Remaster)
Believe What You Say (2011 – Remaster)
From Now Until Forever
What Do You Want
Made You
I Did What You Told Me (2011 – Remaster)
Poor Me
The Reason
The Beat Girl Song (2011 – Remaster)
Big Time (2011 – Remaster)
Carve Up (2011 – Remaster)
Someone Else’s Baby
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
How About That
With Open Arms
A Girl Like You (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))
Turn Me Loose (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))
Hit The Road To Dreamland (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))
Summertime (Porgy & Bess, Act 1, Scene 1) (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))
Wonderful Time (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))
So Many Ways (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))
I’m A Man (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))
Singin’ In The Rain (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))
Diamond Ring (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))
Fare Thee Well My Pretty Maid (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))

Disc 2

Piper Of Love (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))
Greenfinger (1997 – Remaster (Stereo Version))
Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop) (1960 Version)
Who Am I
This Is It
Easy Going Me
My Last Wish
Don’t You Know It?
You And Me And The Gang (2011 – Remaster)
If I Had A Hammer (If I Had A Dollar) (2011 – Remaster)
Little Yellow Roses (2011 – Remaster)
Sho’ Know A Lot About Love (2011 – Remaster)
I’m Coming Home (2011 – Remaster)
As Long As You Keep Loving Me (2011 – Remaster)
All These Things (2011 – Remaster)
I’ve Just Fallen For Someone (2011 – Remaster)
Come To Me (2011 – Remaster)
It’s All Over Now (2011 – Remaster)
A Help Each Other Romance (2011 – Remaster)
I’m Gonna Love You Too (2011 – Remaster)
Second Time (2011 – Remaster)
The Time Has Come (2011 – Remaster)
Watch Your Step (2011 – Remaster)
Rivers Run Dry (Previously Unreleased)
I Know What I Want (Previously Unreleased)
That’s What Love Will Do (Previously Unreleased)

Disc 3

You Can Do It If You Try
As You Like It
Face To Face
La Bamba (Previously Unreleased)
Mix Me A Person
Don’t That Beat All
Swimming In Tears (2011 – Remaster)
I Ran All The Way Home (2011 – Remaster)
I Got A Woman (2011 – Remaster)
The Kings Highway (2011 – Remaster)
I’m Going Home (2011 – Remaster)
Going Up (2011 – Remaster)
Learning To Forget (2011 – Remaster)
Ballad Of A Broken Heart (2011 – Remaster)
Baby Take A Bow
You ‘N’ Me (2011 – Remaster)
Knocking On Wood
While I’m Away (2011 – Remaster)
Butter Wouldn’t Melt In Your Mouth (2011 – Remaster)
What Have I Got
What Now
Just Mention My Name
Little Bit Of Love (Previously Unreleased)
So Long Baby
A Little Bit Of Soap (Previously Unreleased)
Walkin’ Tall
Made For Me
The First Time
This Is The Feeling (2011 – Remaster)

Disc 4

The Wanderer (2011 – Remaster)
My Kind Of Girl (2011 – Remaster)
Forget Him (2011 – Remaster)
Forget Me Not (2011 – Remaster)
Let There Be Love (2011 – Remaster)
Lazy River (2011 – Remaster)
Hello Mary Lou (2011 – Remaster)
Ginny Come Lately (2011 – Remaster)
Things (2011 – Remaster)
Take Good Care Of My Baby (2011 – Remaster)
It Doesn’t Matter Anymore (2011 – Remaster)
Bye Bye Love (2011 – Remaster)
Talk To Me
The Promise Of Love
We Are In Love
If He Tells You
Only One Such As You (2011 – Remaster)
She’s Smiling At Me (2011 – Remaster)
Come Closer (2011 – Remaster)
Come On Dream (2011 – Remaster)
Tomorrow (Previously Unreleased)
Here’s Another Day (2011 – Remaster)
You’ve Got A Way With Me (2011 – Remaster)
Mighty Fine Girl (2011 – Remaster)
Don’t You Dig This Kind Of Beat (2011 – Remaster)
I Do (2011 – Remaster)
It’ll Never Happen To You (2011 – Remaster)
I Gotta Get Going (2011 – Remaster)
I Love Being In Love With

CD 5

  1. It’s Alright (Mono Version) (2011 – Remaster)
  2. I Just Don’t Know
  3. Don’t You Know (2011 – Remaster)
  4. I Could Fall In Love With You (2011 – Remaster)
  5. A Message To Martha (Kentucky Bluebird)
  6. It Sounds Good To Me
  7. Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself
  8. I’ll Stop At Nothing (2011 – Remaster)
  9. I’ve Gotta See My Baby
  10. Talk About Love
  11. Hand Me Down Things (2011 – Remaster)
  12. I Can’t Think Of Anyone Else
  13. Lady Oh Lady (2011 – Remaster)
  14. High Heel Sneakers (2011 – Remaster)
  15. Talk About Love (2011 – Remaster)
  16. Look Out Baby (2011 – Remaster)
  17. Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout A Thing Called Love (2011 – Remaster)
  18. Night Time Is The Right Time (2011 – Remaster)
  19. I Wanna Be Your Man (2011 – Remaster)
  20. Little Queenie (2011 – Remaster)
  21. Hey Little Lovin’ Girl (2011 – Remaster)
  22. Hey Baby (2011 – Remaster)
  23. I Can’t Think Of Anyone Else (2011 – Remaster)
  24. You Can’t Blame Him (2011 – Remaster)
  25. Heartbreak Hotel (2011 – Remaster)
  26. I Need Your Loving (2011 – Remaster)

CD 6

  1. Someone’s Taken Maria Away
  2. To Make A Big Man Cry
  3. If Ever You Need Me
  4. I Don’t Need That Kind Of Lovin’
  5. I’m Used To Losing You (Mono Version) (2011 – Remaster)
  6. Idle Gossip
  7. Cheryl’s Goin’ Home
  8. Funny Kind Of Love
  9. Daddy What’ll Happen To Me
  10. What More Can Anyone Do
  11. Something Beginning With You (I Want Money) (previously unreleased)
  12. To Hell With Love
  13. Cowman Milk Your Cow
  14. Close The Door
  15. So This Is Love (previously unreleased)
  16. You Make My Life Worthwhile
  17. What Now (2011 – Remaster)
  18. It’s Alright (Stereo Version) (2011 – Remaster)
  19. To Make A Big Man Cry (Stereo Version) (2011 – Remaster)
  20. I’m Used To Losing You (Stereo Version) (2011 – Remaster)
  21. Wie Heisst Dein Boy (The First Time) (2011 – Remaster)
  22. Ich Bin Verliebt (We Are In Love) (2011 – Remaster)
  23. Oh Caroline (2011 – Remaster)
  24. Rien Ne Peut Plus M’empecher (It’s Alright) (2011 – Remaster)
  25. Parler D’Amour (Talk About Love) (2011 – Remaster)
  26. Quelque’un M’a Vole Marie (Someone’s Taken Maria Away) (previously
  27. Ne Plus Penser A Toi (Only One Such As You) (previously unreleased)

Geoff Barker’s Rock n roll Party

BBC Bristol programmes Geoff Barker’s Rock n roll Party Available since today, February 5, with 7 days left.

It will be his Pop stuff, though. Includes a never before broadcast interview with Adam Faith in which he talks about John Barry, who died suddenly on January 30.

For those who missed this due to short-notice (though I’m sure it can be heard on listen-again) Geoff said the entire Adam Faith interview (one hour!) will be broadcast next month – possibly 5th or 12th.

What do you Want? new CD

On January 4th 2011 a new Adam Faith CD is being released. Ultra cheap at £3.99 from, “What do you Want?” comprises of 28 tracks all from 1958-1960. We don’t know the label, Xtra, but since all the tracks will be in public domain by January 2011, it’s possible this is nothing to do with EMI.

The track-listing appears to consist of the LP, Adam, plus the various singles up to and including Lonely Pup. All tracks have previously appeared on CD so this is probably just for the completist. Still, at only £3.99 …..!

What do you Want? CD
What do you Want? CD

What a Whopper on DVD

The Adam Faith film, What a Whopper, is being released by Renown Pictures on 31st January 2011. In the film Adam sings What a Whopper & The Time Has Come – to date the former song has never been commercially released.

What a Whopper on DVD
What a Whopper on DVD

Adam Faith live with “What Do You Want” on Dale Winton’s Number One Party show

Adam Faith live with “What Do You Want” on Dale Winton’s Number One Party show, early 2003

“Adam’s last live performance of this classic hit, recorded for Dale Wintons ‘Number One Party’ show, weeks before his passing” can be found on Youtube. Includes interview. (Aspect ratio stretched.)

Sunday Night at the London Palladium now on DVD

In celebration of the London Palladium’s centenary, Network are about to release a 3-DVD set containing some of the best of what remains in the archives for the original run from the 1950s and ‘60s, with hosts including Tommy Trinder, Bruce Forsyth and Jimmy Tarbuck.

It also includes the special two-hander show from February 1961 that featured only Norman Wisdom and Bruce Forsyth. These editions include Beryl Reid, Adam Faith playing with the John Barry Seven, Bobby Darin, Pinky & Perky, Sarah Vaughan, Freddie and the Dreamers, Mario Lanza, Larry Grayson, Jim Dale, Paul Anka, Rod Hull and Emu, Ted Rogers, Sacha Distel, Cliff Richard, Bob Monkhouse, Clodagh Rodgers and many more.

We do not know if the complete performance of Adam & the JB7 will be included, but at only £14.99 for over 8 hours of vintage TV it’s probably worth taking a chance!

Available from 8th November from and other outlets.

Sunday Night at the London Palladium now on DVD
Sunday Night at the London Palladium now on DVD

Cover of Picturegoer, February 13, 1960

September 10, 2010

Cover of Picturegoer, February 13, 1960. Courtesy of Ian Payne.

Adam Faith on cover of Picturegoer, February 13, 1960

Adam Faith on cover of Picturegoer, February 13, 1960

Save Abbey Road Studios from property developers!

Save Abbey Road Studios from property developers is a group for those that believe it would be tragic to allow Abbey Road Studios to be bought by property developers.

On their Facebook site they say: “Join us in finding a way to save the historic Abbey Road Studios from being sold to property developers.We want to keep the studios operating as a recording facility for future generations.


John Barry and Adam Faith rehearse
John Barry and Adam Faith rehearse

I Survive

I Survive will be released in January on the Angel Air label. This is an updated version of the original CD release and contains bonus tracks.
See the discography.

I Survive - 2010
I Survive – 2010

Down An Alley Filled With Cats

December 27, 2009

We have added scans of the programme of the stage play Down An Alley Filled With Cats.

Down An Alley Filled With Cats
Down An Alley Filled With Cats

John Barry – The Man With the Midas Touch

December 25, 2009

John Barry – The Man With the Midas Touch” is still available. The book is available from high street bookshops and the usual online (film-music) stores. Or order now: please visit this page.

Adam Faith’s work with John Barry is covered too.

John Barry - The Man With the Midas Touch
John Barry – The Man With the Midas Touch

David Courtney – the Show Must Go On

David Courtney the man behind the music of such artists as Leo Sayer & Roger Daltrey, Adam Faith with classic songs like “One man band”, “Giving it all away” “ I Survive” and songs that launched Dollar’s career “Shooting Star” & “Who were you with in the moonlight”, will be releasing a new & exciting concept album project in March 2009 entitled: “THE SHOW MUST GO ON”. The album captures the ambience of a travelling music circus, featuring new recordings of his many hit compositions and other works performed by David himself, along with guest musicians and new young artists bringing a fresh contemporary dimension to the music.


A limited edition of the album will be available prior to general release offering a unique and exclusive opportunity to have your face featured on the album sleeve with your photographic image superimposed onto a character of your choice, or have your name on a beach hut.You can also subscribe to have your name included in album credits.

Visit the official web site for details:

John Barry – The Man With the Midas Touch available

November 19, 2008

“John Barry – The Man With the Midas Touch” is now available. The book is available from high street bookshops and the usual online (film-music) stores. Or order now: please visit this page.

John Barry – The Man With The Midas Touch

Adam Faith’s work with John Barry is covered too.

Adam Faith you were my idol

July 20, 2008

adam faith you were my idol in teenage years you were absoltely brilliant and gave me many years of happy music, when i was going through a rough time in my life but your music always made me feel so happy and pick me back up again , and i loved your acting in budgie , very funny acting , so sad to hear you died all those years ago, ill never forget you thankyou for all your entertaintment youve given everyone and god bless all of your family. from your fan for many years love sandra xxxxxxx

Lovely Memories

July 16, 2008

I have just come across your site, and just listend and watched adam on the youtube, lovely memories! way back in the 70’s I have liked him and had his pics up on the wall at home and at work, were everyone else was into more modern stars I still preferred adam! I would listen to my old long player record player with adams songs and wish I could see a virtual reality of him there on my record player! but now with the internet anything is possible! I noticed (though I am not complaining that he would not go on tv much and I waited from Budgie 1970 to 7 years later and stardust and mcvicar at the cinema. oh yes I also recall a YOU ASKED FOR IT in the MIRRABELLA magazine 1976 sept 16th my letter being printed in this teeenage mag asking for an adam faith pic! also I got a 3 in a row songs by adam on the David Hamilton show this had me hopping around the work floor! in excitment!. thanks for the memories Pamela Gregson

April 23, 2008

Nevada Resident Recovers Lost Rock ‘n Roll Photo Archive Ian Wright’s photos Reveal Early Origins of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Tom Jones, Jimi Hendrix and others Book also contains amazing images of Adam Faith

Las Vegas resident Ian Wright, a career photojournalist, recently recovered his photo archive that had been lost for 45 years and has published “On The Brink of Fame, Pop Stars In The Swinging ‘60s. This historic, mostly unpublished photographic archive of the Northeast of England reveals the nightclub origins of such icons as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Roy Orbison, Ike and Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdink, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John and Johnny Cash. The archive reveals intimate back-stage portraits of eager, young performers unsure of whether they would flop or ascend to fame and fortune.

The book also contains amazing images of Adam Faith (an especially good atmospheric headshot and Ian Wright’s favorite image in the whole book), a photo of Adam with Sandi Shaw (March 1965) and a photo of Adam with The Roulettes – also March 1965. There are several references to him in the editorial text as well.


I Survived covered in aid of The British Heart Foundation

Liverpool singer/songwriter called Dean Johnson has recorded a cover version of Adam Faith’s song I Survived.

The new single is to be released in aid of The British Heart Foundation.

Right click song title above and choose “Save Target As” to download short sample of song.

Award John Barry a Knighthood

December 30, 2007

Five-time Oscar-winner John Barry is the UK’s premier composer of film music, having written for more than one hundred films. 2007 marks his 50th year in the music business, in a career which has progressed from leading a pop group to becoming a multiple award-winning composer. This should be recognised with the top honour by the country of his birth.

This facility is only open to British citizens or residents or ex-pats. But we thought everybody might like to see it and sign if you are eligible and think it’s a good idea. “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to award John Barry a Knighthood.”

Submitted by Geoff Leonard – Deadline to sign up by: 08 March 2008 –

It’s very easy and won’t involve getting any “spam” from the Prime Minister! 😉

Here’s our own website (managed and created by Ruud and Geoff Leonard – imdb):


I met Adam when I was a boy

November 25, 2007

I actually met Adam when I was a boy. I think the seaside resort was Yarmouth, but not sure. Anyway, I was on holiday with the family, and big sister wanted to try and get his autograph outside the theatre’s stage door. This was in the afternoon, so I imagine everyone was either turning up for rehearsals or maybe that summer night’s performance. (My sister tells me we actually saw the show, but I have NO memory of that whatsoever.

Anyway, mum and dad dropped us off at the theatre and we joined a small group of girls who had already gathered there. Whilst waiting for Adam to arrive we gathered autographs from everyone who went past. None of the names meant anything to me, but years later of course Rod Argent of the Roulette’s would have success in his own right when I was an art student, and I remember digging out his autograph to check if it had indeed been him who signed my book that day. It was.

Eventually a green jaguar pulled up and, to a warm and excited reception, Adam Faith got out. As he made the short distance to the stage door he signed autographs and someone handed out flyers promoting the movie “Mix Me A Person”. Being somewhat smaller than these 20 or so girls I somehow got caught up in the push, and before I knew what was happening the stage door had shut behind us and it was just me and Adam Faith stood face to face in the narrow corridor on the other side!

Having been keen to push my way forward for an autograph, I think the only thing I thought of doing now was escape. He looked at me and said “What do you want curly?” I nervously asked: “Can I have your autograph please Adam?” He was wearing Cuban heels, which still didn’t take him up much beyond my height, and he hadn’t yet shaved.

When I re-emerged from the stage door I was something of a hero, albeit for a brief time. I still have that autograph today. It’s inside my “E.P. Collection” CD. (I no longer have Rod Argent’s). And I still play his music; “The Reason” probably being my favourite.


Beat Girl on DVD

Blackhorse Entertainment will releasing Adam’s movie BEAT GIRL on DVD on July 2, 2007.
According to commercial website: Due for release on 21/01/2008

Great website tribute to Adam Faith

September 24, 2007

hi, am very sorry to see you shut down your guest book, unfortunatly there are always some that ruin it for others if their not interested why do they bother looking. its a great website tribute to adam faith, he was a lovely person and i used to fancy him like mad in the 60s/70s, i used to look forward to “Budgie” each week i loved that series and remember he used to wear what lookrd liked a leather jacket, in white in the series, such a shame he died i was lucky to get his autograph my sister went with her then boyfriend to hastings some show i think and he was sitting on a bike or two, anyway im sure hed be proud to see this website and read the lovely comments from fans. all the best sandra.

In Germany nearly nothing is known about Adam Faith

April 2, 2007

Here in Germany nearly nothing is known about Adam Faith. Only four 7″ Singles had been released in the 60`s and non of it reached the Charts. His Films Never let go and Beat Girl were shown in German Cinemas in the early Sixties. The German Filmprogramm “Illustrierte Filmbuehne” were issued with their German Titles “Gib niemals auf ” and Heiss auf nackten Steinen”. Also three Picture Cards of Adam are known. I believe that`s all.

Two of Adams Songs were covered by German Artists in German language:
Poor me = Nur Sie – Sung by Harry Glueck and Ted “The German Elvis” Herold
Someone Else`s Baby = Sunshine Baby by Ted Herold

Dieter (Germany)

Meetin Adam Faith outside the tea rooms in Westerham

March 13, 2007

hi, i just thought i would let you know about the time i met adam faith, he was outside the tea rooms in westerham as usual! i was attending a wedding at the church there on aug 22nd 1998, i was getting in my car after to go to the reception and my husband saw him so i made him repark and i got out and went up to him and said excuse me can i have your autograph, he was very chatty and friendly didnt mind at all being asked as he was having a cup of tea and reading his newspaper, just blending in with everyone else, lots of people were used to him always being in westerham either the tea rooms or the wine bar!

i had my photo taken with him- i was in my wedding outfit and hat and taller than him he was just casual and normally dressed it did look funny posing in a wedding outfit!! he asked what i did for a living ,i was mobile hairdressing at the time and he asked for a card but i said i havnt got any business cards on me at the wedding, he told me i should always carry cards with me no matter what! so from that day on i always have a business card in my bag to give to people, ive never forgoten that piece of advice from a business man!he did take my phone number but never phoned for that hair cut, how dissappointing! i was very upset when he passed away, i often listen to his cd and watch stardust-my favourite film.i still think of him.

victoria baldock.

I met Adam Faith in the early Nineties

March 5, 2007

i met adam faith in the early nineties in a large texaco station outside brighton on a bank holiday. as i had met a few so called celebrities because of my work at that time i must say i was impressed by how down to earth he was . instead of craving for attention like almost all of the pathetic characters i had met , he came in the shop while i was in a long queue walked all the way around the back unnoticed and grabbed a coke. we both met at the counter and i asked how he was doing and he replied and asked about me. i was conscious not to appear to be a nuisance but i wish i had spoken to him a bit more especially as i bought his autobiog later on and knew more of his talents. another opportunity squandered is how i fondly remember that day.

s m whitehouse

Budgie The Complete Series on DVD

Release Date: 6th November 2006

Network to release

Perennial loser Budgie Bird (Adam Faith – Stardust, Love Hurts) stars in Budgie – The Complete Series, released by Network on 6th November as an eight-disc set containing all twenty-six episodes of this hit series. It’s the perfect Christmas gift.

Budgie the Complete First Series on DVD

Network is proud to present the release of British pop legend and icon Adam Faith’s Budgie – the Complete First Series (12) on 22nd May 2006 as a 4-disc set containing all thirteen episodes from the first series of this classic British drama.

Budgie DVD
Budgie DVD

Budgie jacket and and clogs on display

Ronnie Pollock writes: “Almost co-inciding with the DVD release of Budgie is the news that Dave Courtney`s WALK OF FAME cafe will be displaying the actual BUDGIE JACKET AND CLOGS as worn by ADAM in THE BUDGIE shows.

The cafe is being refitted and redesigned, and hopes to open in July.

Adam Faith midi file songs

IF you visit you will find nine Adam Faith midi file songs, all without vocal lines. These files are licensed and of commercial professional quality.

Thanks to Ronnie Pollock, singer and guitar player, who had asked for some of Adam’s songs to be made available on midifilesnow and alerted us to them. You can listen to a short demo of This Is It here . The list of midi files available is as follows: What Do You Want, Poor me, Someone Else`s Baby, How About That, This is It, The Time has Come, Message to Martha, Poor Me and Lonely Pup.

Budgie, series 1 to be released on dvd

Budgie, series 1 is to be released on dvd (4 Discs), region 2, May 22. 2006.

Episode Listing:

  1. Out
  2. Some Mother’s Son
  3. Brains
  4. Grandee Hotel
  5. In Deep
  6. Could Do Better
  7. Best Mates
  8. Everybody Loves A Baby
  9. A Pair Of Charlies
  10. Fiddler On The Hoof: Part 1
  11. Fiddler On The Hoof: Part 2v 12. Sunset Mansions Or Whatever Happened To Janey Babe?
  12. And In Again

Paul Garwoord sent us some interesting notes on Adam Faith’s music

January 12, 2006

The single version of “I Survived” is Not the same as the LP version, it does Not have the long instrumental intro that we all enjoyed so much on the LP version, also on the LP “Adam” PCS 3010 the Stereo version only.. The song “So Many Ways” is a different Take to the version released on there Mono LP..the vocal interpretation is different….and on the LP “From Adam With Love” the track “Goin’ Home” PCS 3038 the Stereo version only.. Has a slightly different arrangement to the one released on the Mono LP….maybe not many people would have noticed this..but as I am a retired Orchestral musician you tend to notice these details.

Another interesting thing on the LP “From Adam With Love” if you listen carefully to the backing group on the track “Swimming In Tears” you will hear..who I think is Sandie Shaw…this is more noticeable as the track fades out, has anybody else notice this?

Also a piece of info I know of is..and it’s true because Adam told me,, in the middle of the song “Someone Has Taken Maria Away” Bob Henrit the Drummer drops his High-Hat Cymbal on the floor, but this was very well edited by the technicians of the time and they left some of it in the final release, if you listen carefully you can hear this.

The recently released CD of “The Very Best of Adam Faith” on EMI Gold.. The track “My Last Wish” is an out take..and is very poor…why they didn’t use the released version is beyond belief.

“I Survive” remastered for CD release

Many thanks to David Courtney who has provided us with our first very welcome news item right at the end of 2005!

Adam’s sought-after album, “I Survive” has been remastered for CD release. It is now available at CD BABY . Just put Adam Faith in the search box.

CD Baby distribute as digital downloads to numerous major sites; i.e. iPod, etc. The album will be made available through Amazon as well.