March 13, 2007

hi, i just thought i would let you know about the time i met adam faith, he was outside the tea rooms in westerham as usual! i was attending a wedding at the church there on aug 22nd 1998, i was getting in my car after to go to the reception and my husband saw him so i made him repark and i got out and went up to him and said excuse me can i have your autograph, he was very chatty and friendly didnt mind at all being asked as he was having a cup of tea and reading his newspaper, just blending in with everyone else, lots of people were used to him always being in westerham either the tea rooms or the wine bar!

i had my photo taken with him- i was in my wedding outfit and hat and taller than him he was just casual and normally dressed it did look funny posing in a wedding outfit!! he asked what i did for a living ,i was mobile hairdressing at the time and he asked for a card but i said i havnt got any business cards on me at the wedding, he told me i should always carry cards with me no matter what! so from that day on i always have a business card in my bag to give to people, ive never forgoten that piece of advice from a business man!he did take my phone number but never phoned for that hair cut, how dissappointing! i was very upset when he passed away, i often listen to his cd and watch stardust-my favourite film.i still think of him.

victoria baldock.