January 12, 2006

The single version of “I Survived” is Not the same as the LP version, it does Not have the long instrumental intro that we all enjoyed so much on the LP version, also on the LP “Adam” PCS 3010 the Stereo version only.. The song “So Many Ways” is a different Take to the version released on there Mono LP..the vocal interpretation is different….and on the LP “From Adam With Love” the track “Goin’ Home” PCS 3038 the Stereo version only.. Has a slightly different arrangement to the one released on the Mono LP….maybe not many people would have noticed this..but as I am a retired Orchestral musician you tend to notice these details.

Another interesting thing on the LP “From Adam With Love” if you listen carefully to the backing group on the track “Swimming In Tears” you will hear..who I think is Sandie Shaw…this is more noticeable as the track fades out, has anybody else notice this?

Also a piece of info I know of is..and it’s true because Adam told me,, in the middle of the song “Someone Has Taken Maria Away” Bob Henrit the Drummer drops his High-Hat Cymbal on the floor, but this was very well edited by the technicians of the time and they left some of it in the final release, if you listen carefully you can hear this.

The recently released CD of “The Very Best of Adam Faith” on EMI Gold.. The track “My Last Wish” is an out take..and is very poor…why they didn’t use the released version is beyond belief.