Big Time: The Life of Adam Faith by David & Caroline Stafford is a new biography of Adam to be published on the 13th April.

The book consists of more than three hundred pages divided into thirty-seven chapters and, as might be expected, is a highly detailed, no holds barred account of Adam’s life and career. It’s impossible to say if Adam’s family cooperated with the book, but we suspect they may not have done.

The book is littered with stories and quotes from Adam and others involved with his career such as composer Johnny Worth, manager Eve Taylor, photographer Terry O’Neill, his wife, Jackie, business associate Andrew Tribe and various members of The Roulettes.

The authors have clearly scanned newspaper archives and previously published books for any substantial stories and quotes from incidents that occurred during Adam’s life, and there are references to over 100 examples of this. We cannot provide any details of photographs at this stage, but suffice it to say we know the book will contain some!

The discography is very much a selective one, but this website is (quite rightly) suggested as a good source for a more complete one!

A more comprehensive review of the book will follow once we have a physical copy, but in the meantime I suspect no fan of Adam will want to miss this book. It can be pre-ordered via Amazon, and, no doubt, from similar outlets.

"Big Time: The Life of Adam Faith" by David & Caroline Stafford
“Big Time: The Life of Adam Faith” by David & Caroline Stafford