July 16, 2008

I have just come across your site, and just listend and watched adam on the youtube, lovely memories! way back in the 70’s I have liked him and had his pics up on the wall at home and at work, were everyone else was into more modern stars I still preferred adam! I would listen to my old long player record player with adams songs and wish I could see a virtual reality of him there on my record player! but now with the internet anything is possible! I noticed (though I am not complaining that he would not go on tv much and I waited from Budgie 1970 to 7 years later and stardust and mcvicar at the cinema. oh yes I also recall a YOU ASKED FOR IT in the MIRRABELLA magazine 1976 sept 16th my letter being printed in this teeenage mag asking for an adam faith pic! also I got a 3 in a row songs by adam on the David Hamilton show this had me hopping around the work floor! in excitment!. thanks for the memories Pamela Gregson