November 25, 2007

I actually met Adam when I was a boy. I think the seaside resort was Yarmouth, but not sure. Anyway, I was on holiday with the family, and big sister wanted to try and get his autograph outside the theatre’s stage door. This was in the afternoon, so I imagine everyone was either turning up for rehearsals or maybe that summer night’s performance. (My sister tells me we actually saw the show, but I have NO memory of that whatsoever.

Anyway, mum and dad dropped us off at the theatre and we joined a small group of girls who had already gathered there. Whilst waiting for Adam to arrive we gathered autographs from everyone who went past. None of the names meant anything to me, but years later of course Rod Argent of the Roulette’s would have success in his own right when I was an art student, and I remember digging out his autograph to check if it had indeed been him who signed my book that day. It was.

Eventually a green jaguar pulled up and, to a warm and excited reception, Adam Faith got out. As he made the short distance to the stage door he signed autographs and someone handed out flyers promoting the movie “Mix Me A Person”. Being somewhat smaller than these 20 or so girls I somehow got caught up in the push, and before I knew what was happening the stage door had shut behind us and it was just me and Adam Faith stood face to face in the narrow corridor on the other side!

Having been keen to push my way forward for an autograph, I think the only thing I thought of doing now was escape. He looked at me and said “What do you want curly?” I nervously asked: “Can I have your autograph please Adam?” He was wearing Cuban heels, which still didn’t take him up much beyond my height, and he hadn’t yet shaved.

When I re-emerged from the stage door I was something of a hero, albeit for a brief time. I still have that autograph today. It’s inside my “E.P. Collection” CD. (I no longer have Rod Argent’s). And I still play his music; “The Reason” probably being my favourite.