May 29, 2017

I recorded an album with Terry in 1993. Midnight Postcards was not the album that i had suggested to Terry and his producer, Dave Courtney. Terry was appearing with Zoe Wanamaker in “Love Hurts” a very successful tv show at the time.

My concept was an album of love songs including Love Hurts. Polygram loved the idea … TV promotion was booked.

The resulting album was not what Polygram were expecting. It was a mishmash of odd songs and bits of what Courtney described as Skiffle. It failed miserably.

I liked Terry and attended a dinner at his house, that story being in my forthcoming autobiography. I also met his daughter. I believe she became a tv producer.

My regards to Terry’s family and belated condolences on his passing. Rock on.

Tim Hinkley.