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BUDGIE (1971-72) drama series
Created by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse.
Starring (regular cast) #AdamFaith #IainCuthbertson #LynnDalby #JuneLewis #JohnRhysDavies
The highly successful producer Verity Lambert gave pop star Adam Faith the title role in her new drama series produced by London Weekend Television in 1971, Budgie. This was his first starring television role, although he had obviously guested many times on TV shows in his vocalist career and appeared in several films.

Each self contained story, usually depicting Budgie’s involvement in some hare-brained scheme to make money, usually somewhere on the wrong side of legality. He often failed in his aim, being continually the victim of circumstance or of the sharper, more experienced underworld operators he tried to emulate.

The series co-starred Iain Cuthbertson as Charles Endell, a suave and Machiavellian Glaswegian gangster based in London, who employed Budgie, often against his own better judgement or when he was in need of an unsuspecting fall guy. During the late 1970s, Scottish Television produced a short-lived spin-off series, Charles Endell Esquire.

The highly popular series ran for two seasons, running to a total of 26 episodes. Although planned to be a colour series, the first four episodes were made in black and white, due to industrial actions which meant that many series of that time had to be either made in monochrome or cancelled. A third series was planned but star Faith had been involved in a serious car accident and he announced his retirement from as a result. He made afull recovery but instead of returning to acting he became successful in the business world of finance.

Talking Pictures TV are delighted to be able to bring you all 26 episodes from both series.