Music by John Barry cover   Lulu 2022

 Our Redcliffe published book “Music by John Barry” sold out in four months, and there are currently no plans for a re-print. However, we have made available a print-on-demand version, which has identical internal content. The only difference between the two being the absence  of a dust-jacket for the print-on-demand version.


The five-hundred page book, fully-illustrated (often with rarely seen images), consists of a chronological exploration of key landmarks underpinning John Barry’s illustrious career. Written in the form of extensively researched essays concentrating on one specific score, over forty  are represented, from the first, Beat Girl, to the last, Enigma. Whether highly acclaimed or lower key films, each chapter sets out, clearly and accurately, the circumstances surrounding the inception and completion of the score under scrutiny and in doing so, provides  fresh insights into John Barry’s remarkable legacy.

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The cost of the book will vary depending on your location, but for guidance it is £35 for UK customers, € 37 for those in the EU, and $39 for US customers. Postage will be charged at a rate local for the country concerned.